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Audio glasses with interchangeable frames and surround sound.

soundcore Frames

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soundcore Frames Promenade

Audio Glasses with OpenSurround™️ System for Spacious Sound


soundcore Frames Wander

Audio Glasses with OpenSurround™️ System for Spacious Sound


soundcore Frames Tour

Audio Glasses with OpenSurround™️ System for Spacious Sound


soundcore Frames Landmark (Black)

Audio Glasses with OpenSurround™️ System for Spacious Sound


soundcore Frames Landmark (Clear)

Audio Glasses with OpenSurround™️ System for Spacious Sound


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  • Enjoy music on the go with soundcore audio glasses

    Audio glasses, also known as headphone glasses, are a new type of glasses with earphones that let you hear through them with a built-in speaker and a microphone system. The sleek, cutting-edge soundcore audio frames not only have an advanced audio processor with a built-in speaker system for clear sound transmission but also protect users from UV rays so that you can enjoy favorite tunes on the go.
    soundcore audio glasses with Landmark’s polarized lenses are designed to block out up 99% of UV rays, making them perfect for protecting your eyes from harmful radiation. The Open Surround Audio System offers excellent sound quality that will immerse you in the music. The dual microphones provide clear sound quality if you need to take a call. Plus, the privacy mode prevents anyone from eavesdropping on your conversation. The audio temples made from durable and lightweight polymer TR90 provide the ultimate comfortable wearing experience. IPX4 waterproof rating means they can handle some splashes or rains without getting damaged.

  • FAQ about soundcore Audio Glasses

    What do soundcore audio glasses do?

    Audio glasses are also a type of bone conduction headphones that uses vibrations through the temples' sound system to send glasses audio directly to the inner ear. They can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth and can be used to listen to music and make phone calls with noise canceling microphones.
    soundcore audio frame allows users to hear the audio without blocking out other sounds, making them ideal for use in situations where it is important to be aware of your surroundings, such as when running or cycling. These music frame glasses are also perfect for people whole are not used to traditional headphones, as they do not require the earbuds to be inserted into the ear canal.

    Are soundcore prescription audio glasses?

    Definitely yes! To some’s surprise, soundcore does come with the option of prescription lenses for soundcore audio frames, plus, the lenses in our frames are detachable and replaceable. So if you need prescription audio glasses, you just need to choose the “prescription” option when selecting a lens type while checking out.

    How to choose the right audio glasses?

    There are a few things you should consider when choosing audio glasses.
    First, go to the online store to virturally try on different frames to determine which frames enhance your look. This will help you find the perfect pair that suits you.
    Second, consider what type of activities you'll use them for. If you are doing a lot of outdoor activities, you have to make sure the glasses are comfortable to wear and block UV radiation. soundcore has a full range of sunglasses you can choose from.
    Finally, consider how much money you're willing to spend. Audio glasses can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, so you'll want to make sure you get the best value for your money.
    soundcore audio glasses are the perfect solution for anyone who wants the right audio frames with various color and shape options. From style to price, there's definitely something here that will fit!

    Are soundcore audio glasses safe?

    Yes, soundcore audio glasses are safe. There have been no reports of health problems associated with using these glasses. In fact, they are a good choice for those who aren't used to the in-ear buds. Besides, soundcore audio glasses transmit sound without covering your ears, so that people who need to notice what's going on around while still hoping to enjoy music in the meantime won’t miss anything.

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